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Project Management is easy in theory - deliver a piece of work according to agreed schedule, quality and price - but in practice much harder.

Things often go wrong because of:

  • The Pink Cloud - The goals or the requirements are not defined sufficiently clearly in advance or is not understood the same way by customer and supplier,

  • The Hobbyist Syndrome - The project team lacks essential experience or is under staffed

  • The Optimist Factor - Time and cost estimates are unrealistic

  • The Rotating Compass Needle - Expectations from outside the project are unrealistic or change during the course of the project

  • Rigor Methodologis - The project has not chosen or does not follow a well laid out and appropriate methodology and project model

  • Death By Drowning - The project is one amongst many competing for attention and resources and simultaneously linked to innumerable other projects and systems


Plantener Management has many years training in ensuring a project gets put right on its tracks - and stays there until it crosses the finishing line. We know the technologies, understand the business goals and conditions and the methods that create sustaining project progress in real life.. We support enterprises through:



  • Programme Management - Control and coordination of project portfolios. We create the overview and we follow up, ensuring that the total project portfolio moves forward according to the plans and that the individual project does not go off its trail.

  • Project definition - We assist in scoping the project, developing the business case and organization of the individual project to ascertain a sound base line

  • Project Management - From kick-off to successful acceptance test. We take on daily operational management of the project and liase with the Steering Committee, avoiding unpleasant surprises.


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