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Based on extensive experience in trans national outsourcing, Plantener Management provides assistance to European enterprises who wish to reap the considerable benefits that offshore outsourcing presents:

  • access to specialist competence, not available in the European labor markets
  • access to a significantly larger pool of highly educated specialists than available in Europe
  • access to skills and competencies at a considerably more attractive cost than available in Europe
  • access to resources in other time zones, enabling e.g. Support and Development projects to be more evenly spread onver the 24 hours than traditionally feasible

Plantener Management has among its assignments helped clients with outsourcing projects in: India, Bangla Desh and Vietnam

Plantener Management offers its services in a number of areas including:

  1. Feasibility studies of outsourcing scenarios - preparation of Business Cases
  2. Application to authorities of financial support for establishing outsourcing - e.g. to Asian Development Bank and national aid organisations
  3. Matchmaking - survey of the market for potential offshore cooperation candidates and facilitating contacts; appraisals and evaluation of alternate partner options
  4. Drafting and negotiation of Joint venture agreements or customer/supplier agreements as relevant
  5. Training of local and offshore staff in: Culture and Communication; basic long distance co-operation patterns; Project Management; Systems Development etc.

there are many other options - valid for for each of these is the fact, that to create a succesful offshore outsourcing setup and avoid the potential pitfalls, it is necessary to team up with an experienced and reliable consultant. You have found such a provider in Plantener Management